Best inline water filter for refrigerator

Pick the best inline water filter for refrigerator using the following buying guide. We’ve also answered FAQs and reviewed some of the best quality universal inline water filters for refrigerators available online for your convenience of making a buying decision.

With the newly added features, the price of appliances such as refrigerators increased in the last few years. Today, we don’t need to use multiple appliances separately for ice-cool water such as Ice dispensers. Even the smart and convenient design of some latest refrigerator is more of a multi-tasking appliance than cold storage anymore.

Further, such appliances make our life easier and extrude extra efforts for cold water but are such appliances ensure safe for human drinking? Therefore, including other smart features, ensuring the best inline water filter for refrigerators is similarly important to be on the safe side.

Best inline water filter for refrigerator

best inline water filter for refrigerator

My amazon pick

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Woder WD-10K with JG-1/4 Ultra-large capacity refrigerator water Filter or ice Maker Filter. The water filter is certified with WQA Certification for 3Y and 10000 gallons of water.  The product is USA made comes with 1/4″ built-in JG Fittings for easy installation using unbraided ¼” PVC or 1/8” PEX.


  • Manufacturer-provided a complete installation guide.
  • ANSI/NSF certified.
  • Longevity is up to 3 years maximum.
  • By keeping essential minerals removes 99.9% of contaminants
  • Ensure flow rate 3GPM @65 psi more than sufficient.


  • Nothing much to mention either some defective shipment that has been replaced by the seller later.

How to add an inline water filter to a refrigerator?

Watch the following video to add an inline water filter to your refrigerator.

Buying guide

Before anything make sure your refrigerator has an option of water or ice dispenser so you can install an inline filter in between supply and dispenser.

Firstly refrigerators with inline water filters require plumbing for installation. So, find the right corner of the house nearby to the water source for easy connection with less effort. Also, you might need a plumbing service, so consider a few extra bucks for installation.

Secondly, a refrigerator with an inline water filter significantly reduces the overall capacity and size of the refrigeration compartment though convenient in terms of on-demand cold water or ice cubes in a hotter climate or region. So, make sure you have a separate space for cold storing foods if required only when having larger families.

Thirdly, we need to consider the models come with inline or built-in water filters for safer drinking experience. Now, which features of the inline water filter, we should consider before ordering our very first refrigerator with water or ice dispenser?

Features to consider to pick the best inline water filter for refrigerator:

  1. Look for universal fittings such as hose pipe, connectors, etc.  that can be installed easily. Generally, fittings come in a universal 1/4 size.
  2. Make sure the filters are tested and certified through institutes such as WQA to NSF/ANSI 42 or 372 for the test, chlorine, odor, and lead compliance so you can enjoy pure and safe drinking water with family.
  3. A best inline water filter for refrigerator can eliminate up to 99.9% of contaminants while keeping essential minerals.
  4. Ask for a guarantee on an average 10,000 gallons that’s approximately up to three years regarding longevity.
  5. If you don’t want to wait for each filling must check the water flow rate that should be 3GPM @65 psi or greater.

Other tips:

Further, water dispensers have enough room space for different sizes of water containers.

As you’re going to use the dispenser frequently so make sure it’s made for heavy-duty.

I hope the above-mentioned tips will help you pick the best inline water filter for a refrigerator.

Best inline water filters for refrigerators

Sl#ProductImagePrice on Amazon 
1.Woder WD-10K
2.Woder WD-S-5K
3.EcoPure EPINL30
4.Watts Inline Filter
5.PureWater Filters


  • Inline water filters are mostly wall-mounted that saves extra space and requires low maintenance.  Further, these filters are multi-functional and compatible. For example, we can use one with the kitchen faucet right under the sink.
  • Regardless of their usability, this is one of the cheapest options to filter water with minimum effort.
  • Inline water filters are easy to install. Generally comes with push fittings that make installation seamless.
  • Such filters are durable comparing conventional water filters. Some filters last up to 6 months to 12 months in a single service depending on the amount of water that has been filtered.
  • Finally, the biggest advantage is you can drink instant cold and safe drinking water when used along with the refrigerators. Similarly, you no longer have to wait for the instant ice in summer.


  • Truly speaking there is nothing to mention except that inline filters require full replacement at the end of their service life though considering the overall cost that is much cheaper than RO filters.
  •  Finally, you going to need some initial plumbing knowledge to save some extra bucks, that’s it!!!


1. How to find a feature such as a water dispenser in a refrigerator?

Side-by-side refrigerators do have a built-in water dispenser and icemaker including a filter, that’ll be visible if any. Either your refrigerator is not a side-by-side model, you may try to find using the following tips:

  • Try to find a cylinder filter canister inside of the refrigerator, hanging from the top of the refrigerator.  Generally found on the right top corner of the refrigerator sometimes slideout or dropdown in the ceiling of the refrigerator.
  • Either look at Bottom of the refrigerator locate the filter in the front grille of the refrigerator.

2. Do I need to lubricate gasket?

No, there is no need to lubricate the gasket comes with the best inline water filter for refrigerator. Either Lubrication might be helpful in old models containing o-rings. In the case of filter, the package does not contain a lubricant, it is recommended to lubricate the o-ring with a little amount of vegetable oil.  It’ll help to prevent leaks and ease the replacement process.

3. Do inline water filters are universal for any refrigerator?

In most cases, the inline water filters designed to use universally at least support most of the models such as renowned brands, for example, LG, Samsung, Whirpool, etc. We recommend checking the compatibility list of refrigerator models before ordering an inline water filter online either you can ask the seller.


One can survive up to 2 weeks on the water and 70% of our body is nothing water that describes how water is important for survival. On another hand, the cause of most common deadly diseases like diarrhea or Cholera is contaminated water. Therefore, to be on the safe side, we have to make sure pure drinking water for ourselves and the family to stay free of diseases. Other than safety, also, drinking plenty of water has numerous proven medical benefits.

Finally, adding an inline filter to refrigerators also promotes drinking more water. I hope the article will help you to find the best inline water filter for refrigerator and don’t forget to subscribe with Top Appliance deal for regular email updates.

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