Best paper towel for cleaning windows, dish drying, other cleaning etc.

The paper towels also known as kitchen towels are made out of paper generally disposable and capable of soaking liquids. Today we’re going to review the best paper towel for cleaning windows, dish or vegetable drying, etc. or other purposes.

History of paper towel

The E. Irvin and Clarence Scott brothers founded the Scott Paper Company in Philadelphia in 1879. For more details read the history of paper towels.

Best paper towel for cleaning windows, etc.

best paper towel for cleaning windows

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Scott essential Multifold paper towels come with absorbency pockets for fast drying. A total of 16 packs per case consist of  250 Multifold towels per pack.


  1. 16 packs x 250 trifold = total 4000 in each case.
  2. Each paper towel is 9.2 (wide) x 9.4 (length) inches in size can be a good substitute to c fold type paper towels.
  3.  Soaks more water through absorbency pockets and reduces waste.
  4. Suitable for use with most universal multifold paper towel dispensers.
  5. Certified through FPA, FSC, ECO Logo, etc.


  1. It can be softer.




Types of paper towels

The paper towels come basically in four different forms, the types of paper towel are the following:

  • Multi-fold towels are heavy-duty and designed for densely populated places such as public or school toilets. Generally, come with a dispenser, and with each pull, the next towel in the stack remains half pulled for the ease of the next user.
  • C-Fold towels are as good as Multi-fold Towels for being used in high traffic areas.  Similarly used with a dispenser and the edge of the towel remain exposed after each pull that ensures the next user ease to find and pull the towel.
  • Alike of two other types, Continuous Roll towels are meant to be used with a dispenser. The dispenser consists of a hard edge to tear of the unrolled portion of the towel by pulling. These towels are used in businesses or busy bathrooms.
  • Perforated Roll towels are pre-perforated in discreet sizes and do not require dispensers or hard edge to tear off. These towels are designed to be used in the Home and Kitchen and the best paper towel for cleaning windows, etc. or can be used for other purposes.
  • Finally, these towels vary in patterns, qualities, and thickness, etc. For example,  patterned surfaces indicate a large surface area that ensures good absorption. Other options such as recycled towels can be divided into sub-categories such as bleached and unbleached towels. Following in this article, we’ve added a complete buying guide to pick the best paper towels for the money.

Best paper towels for the money

Sl#Product ImagePrice on Amazon 
1.Kleenex, Multifold Paper Towels
2.Pacific Blue, Multifold paper towels
3.Georgia-Pacific, Centerfold paper towels
4.Georgia-Pacific, Multifold paper towels
5.Tork Universal, Hardwound Paper Towel

Buying guide

Paper towels are as popular as toilet paper in the United States even we are the biggest group of consumers of such towels.

However, these towels come under the category of tissues and generally made out of the wood fiber. Either or both the virgin and recycled waste paper is used to make such a fiber.  Therefore, the type differs upon the physical property of a paper towel. So, we suggest to consider the following properties to pick the best paper towel for cleaning windows, dish, and vegetable drying, etc. or for any other household purposes.

  1. Absorbency property is considered significant among all for picking the best paper towels for the money. Alike of most paper products cellulose is the main raw material of kitchen towels. Further, the Cellulose can hold both internal and external water. Let me explain, the water-soaked by Cellulose using bond is internal water and through the space among the cellulose fibers is external water.
  2. The strength of the paper towel is important to pick the best paper towel for cleaning windows, or any cleaning job. In such a case, kitchen towels made of resins are much stronger than towels made of recycled fiber regarding strength. The overall strength also depends on fiber quality either can be checked by rubbing and considering the number of breaks.
  3. The softness of paper determines the water-holding capability of a paper towel. The softer is better.
  4. Layers are similarly important for better absorbency. The more the number of layers indicates more space so better the soaking of liquids. Three or more layered tissue is considered as the best paper towel for cleaning windows, etc. or other cleaning purposes.
  5. Finally, lightweight paper towels are good absorbent in contrast to heavy ones.

Use of paper towels than cleaning

Paper towels are multipurpose and often seen to be used in American kitchens, toilets, washrooms, etc. An exception to the best paper towel for cleaning windows, dirt, grime, or stains; these towels are used in many other ways. For example,  drying hands,  cleaning kitchen countertops, wiping spills, wiping babies, or anything requires absorption. In the following video, find some of the best DIY kitchen hacks of paper towels.


Which paper towels absorb best?

We recommend the buying guide again. But in a sentence best absorbent paper towels for the money are made of resin, soft,multi-layered, and lightweight. Hope you get the answer!!!

Can I flush paper towels?

No, they’re not flushable, remember as we’ve mentioned earlier they are fibers of cellulose. Instead of throwing them into the washroom or kitchen dustbin can be the best way to recycle and this is the most environment-friendly way to dispose of such towels.

What are the ingredients of paper towels?

Read the buying guide again. Either in simple words, the best towels for the money are made out of cellulose.


In conclusion, according to some research the Americans are obsessed with paper towels approximately 24 kg per capita in the USA which is fifty percent higher comparing Europe. Among them, almost two-thirds of them used in the household compared to commercial use. Frankly speaking, it seems the American dreams are not complete without paper towels.

I hope you’ll find the article helpful to find the best paper towel for cleaning windows, or for any other jobs, among our list of best paper towels for the money.

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