Best Kitchen Faucet under $100

In case you’re about to move to a newly built house or just want to renovate your kitchen, and finding the best kitchen faucet under $100 in your subconscious mind the article is for you. In this article, we’re going to review some best kitchen faucets under dollars 100 with a complete buying guide.

Today corr0red, dripping, leaking faucets have reached the stage of extinction with the help of the latest hardware and accurate tough machine finishes. Even in the present date most kitchen most of the faucets come with a lifetime warranty that eventually covers finish and defect too.

Truly speaking, most faucets already became reliable and nothing much to talk about it. So instead of wasting time in any further introduction, it’s time to jump straight into the pros, cons, and features of some top kitchen faucets under 100 dollars.

Best kitchen faucet under $100

APPASO Kitchen Faucet

My pick from Amazon
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Customer Support


APPASO Kitchen Faucet – Pulldown style, Antique single handle, magnetic docking sprayer with oil rubbed bronze, high bend single hole, and soap dispenser, etc.

Pros: Patent protected original aesthetic new design that gives the kitchen a unique look. Fully magnetic docking helps the sprayer to stick into the right place. Oil rubbered classic bronze finish. Made of SUS 304 stainless steel. Further, the ceramic cartridge passed 500,000 cycle testing for long term use at least for ten years. Features like PEX hose, NSF zinc, Multi-layer brushed Nickel, and high-temperature resistance, etc. 90 days full replacement or money-back guarantee with 5 years of the limited warranty.
Cons: Not Applicable.

More Kitchen faucets under $100

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Types of Kitchen Faucets

Before placing your first online order of faucet let learn about the type of faucets. There are three basic facets are found online.

1. Single-handle: This is the most convenient type of kitchen faucet. As they require a single hole into the sink and good for low space. But remember they are not precise in temperature control.

2. Two-handle: These kitchen faucets are the basic traditional faucet needs at least three holes in the sink. Further, you can change the temperature moderately.

3. Pull-up-down: The most convenient ultra-modern package of the kitchen faucet. Therefore they are very precise in temperature control, more flexible, and require less space that makes it more desirable and recommended.

Buying guide to best kitchen faucet under $100

The faucets mentioned in the above table are single-handle pull-out faucets with spray heads. They are also very popular for their flexibility and convenience usability. I hope the following buying will help you to find the best kitchen faucet under dollars 100.

1. Finding the numbers of mounting holes in your kitchen sink. Commercially the kitchen sinks have pre-drilled holes for faucets and other accessories. For example, a soap dispenser. So, try to buy a faucet that matches the hole number of your sink and fits without any hassle of further modification in the sink. It’s not a good idea to buy faucets that require further drilling in the sink countertop.

2. Secondly, look for shape and style. Simply don’t go for fixed faucets because you need to move the faucet frequently in the future to cover the big vase under it. If you have a shallow space don’t buy gooseneck models though they have a good clearance but might splash water too. Regardless of the shape make sure your faucet is flexible enough to cover the entire sink especially for the big sink pot. Also, try to proportionate the size of the sink with a faucet that gives a better appearance to your kitchen.

3. Finally, replacing an entire sink is much easier because accessories can be pre-fitted before putting the sink in the desired place of the kitchen. But in case you’re changing one of them then the installation procedure comes into play. So, try to pick the faucet with an easier installation process with a proper guide. For example, long water supply hoses permit to use tools easily by building connections low inside the sink cabinet. Last but not least, today most commercial faucets come wth no leakage warranty but in case you find such an issue feel free to contact the supplier for replacement of the specific parts and installation.

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How to pick the best faucet for a home kitchen?

Dear, I have tried to answer the question in the buying guide section. But if you want to select me one that is APPASO regardless of their types. Considering types the pullout faucets are more convenient than others. Further, faucets made by APPASO has fame for longevity and the parts are available online. Moreover, after-sale support is very good and I wish you’ll never need to email them.

Which faucets are best at a moderate price?

If the budget is something that bothers you then I would suggest going for Arofa faucets for the kitchen. They are offering very good faucets in an affordable price range.

Which finish of the faucet is suitable for a kitchen?

My personal preference is chrome finished faucets are best though they are a bit expensive. If the budget is problem stainless steel is might be the best option under a range of $100.

 How to change a kitchen faucet?

If you’re talking about the sprayer that is quite easy and all you need to order a new sprayer from the supplier. But changing the entire kitchen faucet needs expertise if you don’t want to flood your kitchen rather call after-sales support or a plumber.


In this article, we’ve tried our best to review some best kitchen faucets under $100 and can assure you about the quality as we found in the physical tests and customer reviews. But you’re the ultimate decision-maker and every mechanical product carries the risk of manufacturing default. If by chance you face any don’t hesitate to contact the customer support as all of the products come with a basic refund policy from sellers including a limited full refund policy from Amazon. For more review updates keep reading topappliancedeal.

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