Best coffee mug for keeping coffee hot or cold

Coffee had become a part of American culture since the civil war of the 18th century. Although a late start, the US founded a revolution with the establishment of a brand like Starbucks in 1971 that changed the whole scenario. Later they made coffee available geographically around the US for the first time in history. Since then coffee has been consumed in many different forms but mostly hot. Therefore today, we’re going to help you to find the best coffee mug for keeping coffee hot or cold through reviewing the best coffee mugs.

Best coffee mug for keeping coffee hot or cold

Best coffee mug for keeping coffee hot

The best coffee mug – YETI Rumbler

My pick from Amazon
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Customer Support


Authentic YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler from the Amazon Yeti official store. Made of durable stainless steel with vacuum Insulation with MagSlider Lid.


  • Best insulated mug with premium quality that helps to keep the beverages warm using YETI MagSlider Lid.
  • Suitable for dishwasher, BPA free, sweat-free design, and a good grip, etc.
  • Dracut coating never peels, break, or fade with extensive use.
  • Strong 18/8 stainless steel body with double-wall insulated tumblers.
  • Holds a maximum of 16 oz drink with the lid on, 6 7/8 inches high, and 3 1/2 inches standard lip diameter.


  • The magnetic lid is not leakproof and does not prevent spills confirmed from YETI.


Note: According to our research no mugs are completely leakproof, even the top brands cannot prevent spills. Therefore, it is advised to rather consider flask instead of mugs for real leak-proof performance.   

Health benefits of Coffee

In the last few decades, coffee has earned a new reputation as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Not only on the basis of assumption but also has proven scientific evidence on health benefits. The following are some health benefits of consuming coffee on a regular basis.

  • Coffee reduces the risk of several cancers such as post-menopausal breast, colon (in women), and liver (in adults) cancer, etc.
  • According to some research drinking coffee, approximately 8 cups per day might increase mortality and reduces the number of death significantly. The test was conducted on about 500k people to find out the increment in mortality by consuming coffee on a regular basis.
  • The coffee already found effective on fasting glucose, insulin secretion, and improve insulin sensitivity in mice. Therefore, is effective and reduces the risk of Type-2 diabetes by approximately 50% which is about 95% of total cases of diabetes according to some research.
  • Finally, other researches found coffee also reduces the rate of death due to cardiovascular disease.

Also, see the following video how coffee helps to lose weight

The best coffee mug for keeping coffee hot or cold – Buying Guide

The best coffee mug motivates and adds extra satisfaction to the consumption of caffeine. Here are a few quick tips to consider before ordering a coffee mug online.

  • What differs a coffee mug for other mugs? Yes, the answer is quite simple, the mug should be capable of holding heat or cold. If not for hours at least for a few minutes before the drinker finishes drinking. Not only heat but also perfect coffee mug should hold the cold because you should’ve heard of the beverage named Cold coffee!!! Therefore, look for double-wall insulation mugs can be the best coffee mug for keeping coffee hot or cold.
  •  Secondly, look for features. As with the Coffee revolution in the United States, the conventional coffee mugs turned into smart devices. For example, self-stirring mugs rechargeable or battery-operated, or mugs with magnetic closure, or temperature control mugs, etc. Note, I personally don’t recommend too many features in a coffee mug but you can buy one as per your preferences. 
  • Finally, the size of the mug plays an important role. You can pick the size as per your consumption size or for mugs feature temperature control you might choose the larger size for reheating frequently. I personally don’t practice reheating so this type of mugs is useless for me. For me, a mug that has features such as a good grip, smells good, and proper insulation is quite perfect for me.

Table of the best coffee mugs

Sl#Product ImagePrice on Amazon 
1.BEARCLAW, Multipurpose
2.Green Steel, Home & Office
3.YETI, Home & Office
4.Thermos, Sports & Travel
5.Drinco, Home & Office

Depending on the usability in the above list of the best coffee mug for keeping coffee hot or cold – I have added mugs depending on their usability. So you can pick one depending on personal preferences.


What is the best coffee mug?

I have already answered that it is dependable on the purpose of the user.  Rather I can answer,  the brands of the best coffee mug for keeping coffee hot or cold, and in my opinion, they’re YETI (Home& Office) & Thermos(Sports and Travelling).

Both brands are very much familiar in the US coffee mug market give approximately the same performance in insulation and leak resistance. In my concern, Thermos is better regarding the leak resistance and more suitable to use in outdoor though they’re more of a flask than a mug.

What is your favorite mug?

Again, my favorite brand is YETI. But, I prefer to use Thermos while traveling because I don’t like to carry a coffee mug in hand while traveling instead of keeping inside my hand luggage or bag pack.

Be aware of cheap Chinese Counterfeit products in Amazon and only buy from the official store for the best performance and service.


I hope the review will help you to find the best coffee mug for keeping coffee hot or cold. Further in the conclusion, I would like to mention that no coffee mugs are 100% leak-proof rather splash-proof, use a coffee flask for vigorous tasks such as running or traveling, etc.

Finally, buy coffee mugs directly from the official stores of the renowned brand to avoid counterfeit products or you can also pick one from the above list. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to Top Appliance Deal for such regular email updates.


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