The history of paper towel

The article is about The history of paper towel – How they were invented and marketed? Click here to find the Best paper towel for cleaning windows, dish drying, etc.

How the paper towel invented?

The brothers E. Irvin and Clarence Scott founded the Scott Paper Company in Philadelphia in 1879.  The very first 1,000 sheets were launched in the same year with a price tag of $.10 per roll in the name of SCOTT® Brand Tissue, though considered as a medical item at the primary stage.  As a marketing strategy, to increase awareness the company used printed ads and address embarrassment.

The history of paper towel

Within a very short time, Arthur Scott, the owner stumbled with the paper product as a railroad car full of tissue had been unloaded at his plant yard. As the paper had been proved useless to be a toilet tissue as marketed due to its thickness that gives the owners a thought line.

Coincidentally at the same time,  Scott came to know about an idea of a local school teacher in the city who had invented a new idea to fight flu at school. The idea was to provide students piece of soft papers to tackle their runny nose and saved toilet papers from contamination from germs. This is the opportunity Scott was looking for and he decided to sell the returned paper.

As he decided, he split paper towels into small towel sized thick papers and marketed them with a disposable paper towel tags. Later as the idea worked, he named the towels as Sani-towels and started selling to commercial companies such as restaurants,  hotels, railroad stations to use in public toilets.

The new era begins

With success, the Scott brothers introduced a new category in the kitchen and grocery item for the first time in the history and named Kitchen towel.  The first lot of kitchen towels were thirteen inches wide and eighteen inches long and that is how the Kitchen towel was born. In later years,  these towels got popular and replaced traditional clothes for cleaning at the kitchen with a hygienic option such as paper towels.

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