Best chair to work on computer

Generally, officials spend on an average of 5 hours on office desk either you’re working as a freelancer which is popular among many. Moreover, physicians suggest using the best chair to work on computer can reduce the risk of back injuries due to bad postures. Therefore, pick the best chairs for working on computer from the following list to spend long hours that ensure proper spine and lumbar support.

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Note: Due to COVID-19 breakdown international health organizations, such as WHO, are also promoting working from home to maintain a social distance that is proven effective to stop the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

Best chair to work on computer

My pick from Amazon.

My pick from Amazon
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Customer Support


NOUHAUS Velour office chair is a velvet computer chair. The products come with bonus blade wheels and features retractable armrest. The swivel game chair is multipurpose that ensures comfort and support while long hours of gaming.


  • The best ergonomic chair in such a value.
  • Exotic velvet finish.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Fully adjustable including armrest.
  • Strong and comfortable.



  • Roughly works on carpet.

Best chairs for working on computer – list

Sl#ProductImagePrice on Amazon 
1.Marvel Spiderman
2.Marvel Avenger
4.Komene E chair
5.WORKPRO Mid-Back
6.WorkPro(R) 9000
7.Giantex office chair
8.CLATINA mesh chair
9.REFICCER Big chair
10.ORVEAY office chair

Buying Guide – Which is the best chair to work on computer?

According to the research made by UOF (USA Office furniture),  there are few things you should consider before ordering your very first computer chair online as described below.

1. Ergonomics is the first thing to consider which potentially decreases the chances of injuries such as aches in the shoulder, back, or arm, etc. An ergonomic chair should be completely adjustable at least in height about 16 inches and tilt no less than 5 degrees.

The most advanced chairs can be adjusted in depth and come with back support by reclining up to 30 degrees. To be an up to mark standard the ergonomic chair must offer armrest that is also recommended by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

2. Secondly, the size of the chair plays an important role. The standard size of the chair is between  15 to 17 inches from the edge to the back that accommodates most people. Most standard chairs are designed considering people weigh less than 250 pounds but don’t worry if you’re a plus-size guy. Because you’ll easily find many online that are specially designed for bigger guys. So spacious and heavy-duty.

3. Comfort is the reason behind anything. For example, a spacious chair with good back, lumbar and neck support will be considered as the best option for working on the computer.

4. Portability and stability both have importance when choosing a computer chair. First, look for a solid steel or metal caster on the bottom instead of the wheel made of plastic materials for durability. Further of them have own advantage, for example, plastic casts better on a hard floor than metal. Moreover, look for extra features such as wheel lock, and solid steel base for extra stability along with portability.

5.  Look for overall durability ask the seller instead, do the chairs are certified by ANSI/BFIMA (United States only)? Either use the door of Amazon’s standard return policy.

Others things to consider:

  •  Covering material.
  • Cushioning and contouring.
  • Does the chair match your environment?
  • Do the chair is made of non-toxic material that is unsafe for humans?
  • The seller’s reputation and quality of the brand.



Ergonomic chairs are considered to be the best chair to work on computer. Following is the list of advantages of using ergonomic chairs.

1. It helps to maintain a good posture by aligning musculoskeletal system.

2. Safeguard against aches of back pain, shoulder, neck, etc.

3. Ensures good joint movements.

4. Increase overall balance.

5. Improve digestion etc.


1. Decrease overall flexibility.

2. It causes stiffness in joint movement.

3. Hard to breathe.

4. Bad posture makes muscles and bones prone to injury etc.

For further information, read the complete guideline of MedlinePlus.


Question01: What is the correct posture and types of posture?

The way you hold your body weight is posture. There are two basic types of posture:

  1. Dynamic: Basically the posture during movement. For example, the posture while you’re walking.
  2. Static: In opposite, the posture in steady means sleeping, standing or sitting.

Question 02: How to improve posture? 

Maintain a healthy weight, use good shoes, stay active, be careful about posture, by setting a good surface height while working, etc.

Question03: Does the ergonomic chair helps to improve posture?

Yes definitely, by using adjustability of such  chairs we can actually maintain a good surface height while working for example in our case sitting in front of a computer.

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