Best air mattresses for long term use

Years ago an air mattress was meant to use as a floatation substance before widely got popular as an inflatable mattress. According to our studies, polyvinyl chloride or PVC  is being used as the main particle in the production of these commercial modern beds that ensure some best Air mattresses for long term use.

Best Air mattresses for long term use

Sl#ProductSizePrice on Amazon
1.Lazery Sleep Air MattressQueenCheck price
2.Intex Air MattressQueenCheck price
3.SoundAsleep Air mattressTwin, QueenCheck price
4.Englander AIR MattressKing, Queen, TwinCheck price
5.Missyee Air MattressQueen, TwinCheck price
6.Noble Air MattressQueenCheck price
7.Sable Air MattressesFull, QueenCheck price
8.King Koil Queen Air MattressKing, Queen, TwinCheck price
9.EnerPlex Air MattressKing, Queen, TwinCheck price
10.SoundAsleep Air MattressKing, Queen, TwinCheck price


Preparation is super easy, all you need to inflate your mattress by blowing air inside using a valve or inflating it through an electric pump is a matter of a few minutes.

Moreover, in some most advanced beds features automatic inflation by the simple opening of a valve. Such mattresses ensure comfort through further foam insulation layer under the air chambers also known as sleeping pads. Further can be controlled remotely, for example,  adjusting the side of the bed through using remote controls. This ensures the safety of children below ten months from the suffocation between the mattress and the bed base.

Benefits of Air mattress

Air beds have many different advantages over traditional mattresses such as easy to store, durable, and folds and can be carried for outdoor activities, etc. Following is a list of benefits we can enjoy by switching traditional heavy mattresses.

1. Custom firmness is the ultimate benefit of having an air bed means you’re on driving seat. To adjust simply inflate more air or deflate to loosen up the hardness according to the level of comfort. Studies said people are sleeping medium-firm beds have better outcomes for pain in bed, pain on rising, and disability comparing people using firm mattresses. For example, low back pain is a common alignment among people of almost every age. In such a case,  what is better than such a bed has custom firmness, here air bed!!

2. Every queen size or above air beds consist of two separate inner chambers that ensure separate firmnesses to bed partners according to their level of comfort.

3. Odor-free PVC beds.

4. In traditional mattresses, sagging is a must with the time that leads to replacement. On another side, the effectiveness of air beds is more dependable on air pressure and the only thing you need to do is open the valve to pass in some air inside the chamber to eliminate sagginess.

5. An air mattress lasts around 15 years over the traditional mattress lasts approximately 7-10 years.

6. Quick inflation, an average quality air mattress takes 3-5 minutes to be inflated that is rapid fast.

 7. Obviously the price tags matter – an average traditional mattress costs approximately $300 comparing a $30 air mattress.

8. Portable and deflates in minutes to turn into a shoulder carrying bag to carry almost everywhere. Also, multipurpose and it’s hard to name one purpose for example, outdoors or camping, etc.

Finally, one can select an air mattress for many reasons, one of them is it helps to relieve your back pain. According to your body shape, type, size, weight the firmness of the mattress can be easily altered which will make the healing process easier directly or indirectly.


One of the major drawbacks of air mattresses was that if it was used for a longer period of time it would release toxins from their poisonous construction. But nowadays manufacturers do not create mattresses using materials that could create toxic compounds or VOCs.

Moreover, with the same tier models of different constructions, air mattresses are reasonably priced but top tier models of air mattresses can be considered expensive. It does not deform easily with increased usage, for example -no dents or sagging, it can be easily fixed by inflating it via the valves. Whether the customer likes air mattresses or not totally depends on them whether they find it comfortable or not as it is filled with air.

Buying Guide of best air mattresses for long term use

1. While buying an air mattress you should keep in mind, if you want to tackle the space issues you can purchase an air mattress with a built-in electric pump that will eliminate storage problems permanently.

2. Make sure the mattress holds the air overnight to ensure comfortable sleeping.  Remember, any decent air mattress will last at least up to four years to fifteen years. So, ask the seller about the warranty and for the best experience don’t hesitate to spend a few extra bucks.

3. Generally, quality mattresses leak or puncture-proof. So, we recommend spending some extra dollars on quality as it’ll serve you for years. Make sure it has a robust inner design that won’t let the bed from sinking to the middle. Note, best air mattresses help the spine aligned and gives you a comfortable sleeping experience.

4. Last but not least all of the air mattresses available in the market has a tendency of losing air which is quite natural. If you need to connect the pump to maintain the pressure in every 8 hours of moderate use than it is perfectly acceptable. Either Soundsleep’s CloudNine technology beds pump runs quietly in the background to maintain the air pressure all night long.

Hope this guide will help you to find the best air mattresses for long term use!!!

Review of best air mattresses for long term use

Product#01 Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

Durable air bed with double Inflatable Mattress provides the feel of traditional beds.

The built-in electrical pump fills the air in just four minutes.

One year warranty.

Features - Forty air coils, grip, extra thick, waterproof, and dual-chamber, etc.

Remotely controllable.

Portable, Holds a maximum of 500 lbs and comes with an easy carrying bag, etc.

X Air deflation reported overnight in defected products though the company has an effective refund policy for such cases.


Product#02 Intex Air Mattress

Intex air mattress

A Deluxe Series from Dura-Beam.

The headboard is quite functional and ensures back support while sitting.

Head support converts into a pillow stopper during sleeping.

The top surface is comfortable and pillowed.

Easily inflatable.

  Enough height (18 inches from the floor) makes off the bed and on the bed, easier.

X Loses air with use like all other air mattresses. 


Product#03 SoundAsleep Air mattress

SoundAsleep Air mattress

My pick from Amazon!!
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • Customer Support

Extra-ordinary Feature

The only automatic dual pump based air mattress that is smart enough to fill the air in case of any air loss due to use that makes the CloudNine series outstanding among the competitors.

Pros: Integrated Dual pump Cloud nine technology which continuously runs at the background in a silent mood to maintain air pressure all night long. The automatic on-off pump with 3 levels of comfort. Inflates and deflates in just 4 minutes. Further, Made of I-Beam air coils inside and ensures a perfectly flat surface for better sleeping. Top Features such as Queen Size (Dimensions of 78" x 58" x 19", double-height, good floor grip, etc. makes the bed unique. Moreover, features such as puncture resistance, waterproof top, and extra thickness, etc. make it as our first choice. Overall enjoy a year warranty and support as a bonus.
Cons: I wish they don't add a useless pillow on the top that is only a waste of space.


Product#04 Englander AIR Mattress

Englander AIR Mattress

Anti-odor fully wrapped with microfiber.

Origin: Unites States/Imported

Five years warranty.

Wider than approximately four percent than any air mattress online.

Comfortable, better than any bed.

Uncompromised durability, waterproof, and many more.

X Air loss tendency in longer use.


Product#05 Missyee Inflatable Twin Air Mattress

Missyee Inflatable Twin Air Mattress

Downy Flocked top (0.7mm) Epa Certified nontoxic Pvc

9 inches floor height. 4 layers of PVC, and durable mattress.

Waterproof, good grip on the floor, and automatic2-in-1 valve with extra-wide openings for easy inflating and deflating.

The coil beam structure provides extra support.

Portable and comes with a carrying bag.

A lot of space for two average people. 

X Low-grade pump might seem on first look but works perfectly.

X Loses air gradually with use which is quite natural.


Product#06 Noble Air Mattress

Noble Air Mattress

Flocked top and made of PVC.

Origin: USA/Imported.

Coil beam construction.

Built-in 120v AC pump, Queen size.

Waterproof, thick, and comfortable. Dimension: 80" x 58" x 18".

Portable and camping friendly.

X Loose air naturally with time. Bit bulky.


Product#07 Sable Air Mattresses

Sable Air Mattresses

Harmless PVC and comfortable top flock.

I-beam air coils ensure extra comfort by adjusting with body shape, weight, and sleeping posture.

Built-in electrical pumps inflate and deflate within 3 to 5 minutes.

Working features such as 0. 6 mm flocked top, anti-air leaking technology, waterproof, etc.

Heavy duty and can carry up to 661lbs and can be used up to up to -22 °F / -30 °C.

12 months of free service.

X The pumps will seem to be low grade on first use but quite ok.

X Needs air filling in every 1-2 days of continuous use.  


Product#08 King Koil Queen Air Mattress

King Koil Queen Air Mattress

Fully Flock coverage.

All-inclusive one-year purchase warranty.

Thick, durable, waterproof mattress for good back support.

Built-in 210 w pump for easy both inflation and deflation in minutes.

Designed for full night use.

Endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association for proper spinal support.

Holds air for a limited time.


Product#09 EnerPlex Air Mattress

EnerPlex Air Mattress

Elegant of Quilt Top Flocking.

30 days money back challenge and 2 years of warranty.

Inflates or Deflates in just two minutes.

Waterproof, anti-leak technology.

Suitable for using indoor and outdoor.

Height from the floor makes getting in and out easier.



Product#10 SoundAsleep Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Air Mattress

Money-back guarantee, customer and email support with a limited 1-year warranty.

Comfort Coil & Super Grip technology.

The PATENTED 1-CLICK internal pump inflates and deflates super fast.

Double height bed feels like a traditional bed with a dimension of 78” x 58” x 19”.

Features like extra thick, waterproof and flocked top, etc.

Eco-friendly PVC with a multi-layer for comfort.

X Price. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sizes are available? Ans: There are many sizes available for air mattresses and the most commons are the Twin size which is also known as Single which has a dimension of about 39″ x 75″. Secondly, is the Full size which is also called Double(54″ x 75″). A Queen size has a dimension of about 60″ x 80″ and king size about 76″ x 80″.

2. What’s the best mattress? Ans: If you are looking for the best mattress then you should look for the one which keeps you in proper alignment from head to toe, and the one which should also minimize the body pressure.

3. Can I use air mattresses as a permanent bed? Ans: Air mattresses are not designed in a way that can be used daily, so after using it daily for some time issues are likely to arise. A traditional mattress should be used for daily use as air mattresses are not built as a permanent bed.

4. Is air mattress suitable for old people? Ans: Air mattresses are very much comfortable and the mattresses are not as high as a bed frame, so it is very much easier for them to get up. Many mattresses nowadays have similar height so it is easier for them to sit on the side and then stand up.

5. How to deal with leakage? Ans: First of all, you need to inflate your mattress and then get a spray bottle with little soap and water. Then listen from where the air is leaking and then spray the soapy water to verify it. After that get a vinyl repair kit and then cover the hole and glue patch over to repair leak or you can just call the customer service to send guys who can help you fix it.

6. Do you need to get a separate pump to inflate it? Ans: The answer to this question is no you do not need a pump to inflate it as the mattress comes with an internal pump that is attached to the bed. You are not required to buy another pump.

7. After inflating it does it need to stay plugged in? Ans: You are just required to inflate it once and that will do it for the night. But you might need to plug in again the next day when you use it as the mattress might lose some air. So when you are done inflating your bed then simply unplug.


In conclusion, in your life, blow-up mattresses are not something that is going to be your biggest purchase. In fact, this is something that you would want to get it right without worrying about the money. Goodnight sleep is something everyone tends to have and so it is one of the most important things in our lives. Hence you would look to find the best mattress which makes you feel comfortable while sleeping.  Either just keep it for the guest if you do not want to disappoint them.

So it is essential for you to research and pick out the best product which will satisfy you. In this article, we’ve tried to pick the best Air mattresses for long term use so the above information might help you to select the air mattress of your desire. Though, there are always several options still remains in the market.

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